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"Let all that you do be done in love."
1 Corinthians 16:14
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Staff (March 2024)

About Our School
Teaching Staff
Mr D. Moran
Headteacher, Collective Worship, Assessment & QFT, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mrs C. Coughtrey
Deputy Headteacher, English (Writing) Subject Leader & Library, Assessment & QFT, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL), ECT Induction Tutor, Senior Mental Health Lead
Mrs C.Moran
SENCo, Disadvantaged Champion, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL), Senior Leadership Team
Mr T. Beales
EYFS Leader, P.E. (Extra-curricular) Subject Leader, (Class RB)
Mrs J. Nunn
Healthy Schools, (Class RN)
Mrs L. Simmons
PSHE Subject Leader, (Class RS)

Mrs K. Newman
KS1 Leader, English (Reading) Subject Leader, (Class 1NC )   (Part-time - 4 days a week)
Mrs H. Cope
Year 1 Teacher, (Class 1NC) (Part-time - 1 day a week)
Mrs J. Crooks
Art & Display Subject Leader, (Class 1CA)  (Part-time - 3 days a week)
Mrs M. Anthony
D&T Subject Leader, (Class 1CA)  (Part-time - 2 days a week)
Mrs J. Burrus
PSHE Subject Leader, (Class 2/1B)
Miss K. Bixby
Science Subject Leader, (Class 2B)
Mrs M. Pugh
History Subject Leader, (Class 2P)
Mrs R. Thompson
PPA Cover Teacher

Miss E. Berner
Lower School Leader, P.E. (Curriculum) Subject Leader and Healthy Schools, Senior Leadership Team (Class 4B)
Mrs J. Backhouse
Eco-Schools, (Class 3BW)/PPA Cover (Part-time - 3 days a week)
Mrs L. Whitaker
Eco-Schools, (Class 3BW) (Part-time - 3 days a week)
Mrs A. Dunn
Music Subject Leader, (Class 3DW) (Part-time - 2 days a week)
Mrs J. Wild
Music Subject Leader, (Class 3DW) (Part-time - 3 days a week)
Mrs S. Gutteridge
Year 3 Teacher, (Class 3G) (Part-time)
Ms D. Marshall
Science Subject Leader, (Class 4M)
Mrs M. Sprake
Geography Subject Leader, (Class 4S)

Mrs S. Antrobus
Upper School Leader, Computing Subject Leader, Senior Leadership Team (Class 5A)
Mrs B. Stonebridge
D&T Subject Leader, Art & Display Subject Leader (Class 5S)
Mrs S. Cassidy
Year 5 Teacher, (Class 5C) (Part-time)
Mrs M. Pritchard
MFL/Spanish Subject Leader, Website Administrator, (Class 6P)
Mrs E. Gore
RE Subject Leader, (Class 6G)
Mrs S. McKechnie
Maths Subject Leader, ECT Induction Mentor, Senior Leadership Team (Class 6M)

Mrs V. Myers
PPA Cover Teacher (Part-time)
Mrs C. White
PPA Cover/One to One Tutor/Catch-Up Tutor (Part-time)
Mrs M. Tucker
PPA Cover/One to One Tutor/Catch-Up Tutor (Part-time)
Learning Support Assistants

Higher Level Teaching Assistants  (HLTA)
Mrs A. Hearn
Mrs P. Shepheard
Miss G. McGovern

Learning Support Assistants

Mr J. Adams
Miss C. Allix
Mrs C. Barnes
Mrs W. Bland
Mrs S. Chillakuru
Mrs J. Chivers
Mrs S. Dabbiru
Mrs L. Ellmore
Mrs D. Finck
Mrs L. Franklin
Mrs J. French
Mrs K. Gowers
Mrs S. Harries
Mrs L. Kerry
Mrs V. Larter
Mrs J. Modhwadia
Mrs B. O'Sullivan
Ms G. O'Leary
Mrs B. Perks
Miss H. Phillips
Mrs P. Polley
Mrs S. Poly
Mrs S. Shacklady
Mrs M. Short
Mr D. Smith
Mrs R. Southgate
Mrs C. Ware
Midday Assistants

Mrs S. Dansey
Senior Midday Assistant

Midday Assistants:

Mr J. Adams
Mrs C.Allix
Miss L. Atkins
Mrs W. Bland
Mrs Y. Charleston
Mrs S. Chillakuru
Mrs J. Chivers
Mrs S. Dabbiru
Mrs C. Fairweather
Mrs K. Gowers
Mrs G. Hall
Miss J. Oakley
Mrs B. Perks
Mrs H. Phillips
Mrs S. Poly
Mrs D. Powis
Mrs P. Rangaraj
Mrs P. Selvaraj
Mr D. Smith
Mrs R. Southgate
Administrative Staff:

Mrs H. Forder
Miss K. Forder
Mrs S. Dansey      
Mrs E. Giddings
Mrs A. Lawrence:
Mr C. Powis
School Business Manager (SBM)
Finance and Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Catering Staff:

Mrs C. Turner
Mrs T. Orford
Mrs N. Andonova
Miss K. Freeman
Mrs N. Ragheb
Catering Manager
Assistant Cook

Cleaning Staff:
Mrs S. Dansey
Mrs J. Goodsell
Mrs D. Powis
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